I heard lot of excuses not having time to workout. Busy with work, meeting with clients, dinner with office mates etc.. Now how much time you spent on TV after work, say you got back at 7 pm, you probably take a shower, have dinner, have conversation with your wife and kids, and then nail your butt on the couch with remote control in your hands.. you end up sleeping there with TV watching you.

You know watching TV more than 2 hours can put you on risk of obesity, because the moment you sit down on the sofa, you body will stop the fat burning hormone. Studies show you tend to eat 71 percent more food when watching TV than when you aren't glued to the tube. Google it, you will find lot of articles about TV and obesity risk.

Here are some facts - the health toll of too much TV..

  • If you watch 14 hours per week, you're 48 percent likely to suffer Metabolic syndrome and 140 percent risk on type-2 diabetes.
  • If more than 17 hours per week, you increase the risk of obesity by 98 percent.
  • If more than 20 hours per week, the risk of getting erectile dysfunction is 30 percent.
  • And if more than 21 hours, you increase all the risks above and risk yourself to insomnia by 105 percent.

Scary enough to reduce the number of hours you spend on the tube each week? Now, find only 90 minutes a week to exercise. By saying you have no time is bogus, because it assumes that everything else in your life is more important than staying in good shape.

When I started my workout, I allocated two quick session of weight training and a session of cardio on weekend. The weight training was funny, because I didn't know much about lifting, tempo, breathing, technique etc. But still managed to shed some pounds of weight after few months.

The motivation drive me to learn more from fitness magazine, internet website and forum to update my knowledge. I was too embarrassed to go to gym and felt that I don't belong there. You may have the same feeling too. So the fix? Don't go to gym, keep away from distraction from those chicks on the treadmill, really lose your belly and build some muscle in-house. Just invest a pair of dumbells and a chinup bar.

I lost almost 26 pounds in 5 months! That was big numbers for a beginner who exercise alone at home and without personal trainer from Fitness First Gym. Within 5 months, I did a lot of exercise movements, and here is no joke, the shortcut for faster fat loss.

They are Squat, Pushup, Chinup and Situp, 2 times a week, more than enough to work your entire body and revving up your metabolism for the entire week. They are very traditional way, yet effective workout.

The only problem you'll be facing here is not able to do a chinup. Substitute jumping chinup. At the same time, aim to do your first chinup with full form using Negative Chinup exercise - hop up to the bar, slowly lower yourself for a count of 5 seconds. Then hop back up to the bar and repeat. Do 5 or 6 reps each set. If it still too hard for you, then lower down the bar just about your waist height, and do inverted row exercise, crack out as many reps you can.

These are combination of simple movements, great total body workout, and good balance by doing a pair of pushing and pulling type of upper body workout.

You don't have to worry about other muscles, these 4 exercise are your main dishes, already covered your legs, chest, upper back and your core muscles. Just give a variety to your dumbbell weight in your squat and grip width in your pushup every week.

If time is not an issue, and you want more challenges, add some side dishes with other compound movement like shoulder press, dumbbell deadlift, lunges, dumbbell row or maybe core stabilization exercise such as plank and side bridge into your workout. Make sure to put your rest time between each set to minimal count for fastest fat loss.

Good luck!