Time goes by so fast, and it's been more than a year since I started my new lifestyle. I realized my lifestyle has changed a lot. Firstly, I gave up McD, and also the other fast food, and only spare them for emergency.

Asian people have bigger and over-expanded stomach because they primarily eat rice, according to Japanese research. That's why they rule eating competition. I used to eat a lot, but now I only eat merely half and feel full. So I think my caloric partitioning strategy especially when dealing with rice done great on shrinking my stomach size. Your stomach; they are only muscle and have their own memory – call it muscle memory, unlike a spring which pulls back to original position, I believe stomach muscle need longer time to forget it origin size too. We have to consistently cheat them.

People surrounds me think I am on diet, which I do not agree, at least for this past six month. I don't the feel the stress now, and happy with what I'm eating now.

Sticking to your right meal plan and workout requires motivation, determination, mind control and they are all interconnected to each other. Lose one of these, you will probably have a hard time to reach your goal. But the biggest one is motivation.

People surround me especially my friend and family members always popped me with the same question, and the most frequent question is “how you lose weight?” – This is my favorite question; I love to share with them the way I lose weight. I can tell them about the tips, how to, nutrition in hours non-stop. But I hate to tell them, what keep me so motivated to my diet and workout. It's all started from an interest, interest become motivation, then motivation creates persistence that eventually help you gets the job done.

Ask me what motivates me to stick to my workout and my diet.. Although I am not sure what drives me to get this far, but the only I know is I keep finding my goals and challenge them along the way. Yes, my answer is “GOAL”. Without any goal, you won’t be sticking to what you are doing. My main goal is generally to improve my overall fitness and health. General goal doesn’t sound compelling enough to us? So I put them as my long term goal.

Then I put my weight loss goal as my mini goal along with the main goal path. I keep finding these so called "short term goals" to be accomplished, and persistently challenging them. For example, I promised to myself to lose that extra fat from my belly last year. I'm so determined towards achieving my goal and finally did it. Then, what next? If you stop there, then you're out..

So, I created another goal, as simple as that.. which is to improve my functional fitness, gain strength and power. I mean really this need strength and power - to keep up with my growing hyperactive kids.. I wish I could have their energy :)

Now I try to follow CrossFit way of improving athletic fitness. I say I'm trying, but I'm still far beyond their radar. Ouchh. I mean they are really total crazy fitness elites in the world. Well at least this is my new goal, to get into their radar..

The point here is make yourself busy finding something to achieve, just like you are chasing your number quarterly, you will exactly do the same towards your goals. Learn how to create the interests. Learn how to dig information by your own, instead of depending on other's knowledge which support the habit of procrastination. Then, keep increasing knowledges about health and fitness that inspires eg; subscribing to health & fitness magazines. I think it will help.