I've been subsribing newsletter from Men's Health mag since April 2007, to keep me updated about latest health news, research, workout, etc.

Somewhere on January this year, I received a great article that changed my perspective on weight training. The America's top strength & conditioning coach shares his golden rules to gain explosive strength, and it works for everyone.

Before you step in to any gym in town, I really recommend you to read this article first. This is fundamentals of what does it mean to train hard. Watch the video clip below, or view the articles about strength training principles from Mens Health here.

If you understand these golden rules, I bet you will find bodybuilding exercise which targets on specific muscle group using isolation movement is not really applicable to real world's life.

Think about the legendary Bruce Lee, small, hard and lean physique, but his punch? Could send you to hospital for days. That's the strength I'm talking about. Anyway, we don't have to be like him, but certainly, other than in sports, the strength and functional fitness could benefit us in our real life.

As for me, a non-athlete nor martial arts practitioner, just an average Joe, I'm now building my strength and functional fitness, so that I could be well prepared in the event of emergencies, if any.. What does it feel if there is a critical situation, say about saving one's life, but you don't have that capability to take right action over the situation? Think about it..