Let's talk about meal replacement shakes.. a tools that are designed to promote weight loss and due to the formula that rich in protein, fiber, other essential vitamins and minerals, it's widely used to replace one or two of your daily meals - maybe breakfast or dinner. By using meal replacement diet strategy, you will probably lose weight quickly and safely..

However, I didn't use this tactic during my weight loss program just for couple of reasons.

Firstly I think this product is definitely not for men. I'll probably feel somewhat guilty to myself if I succeed using this strategy - not man enough. Secondly, it could cause a limitation to your foods, which means a frustration. Thirdly, I just think I couldn't stay on meal replacement diet for the whole of my life. Even if I did, the transitioning process to normal diet could be so risky. And the most killing reason is, I was ripped on budget, always.. lol

But don't get me wrong, meal replacement shakes will really help us losing weight, if we know how to. My wife is on shakes diet, and by combining the diet with resistance training and cardio, I'm witnessing a very good result on her and she really happy with the result.

Okay, whatever it is, let us lose weight in happy way. Either way would be fine.