Sometimes you have to travel for business trip, and long trip might kill your weight loss plan. Make sure you allocate some time to exercise. I normally bring along my chin-up bar and resistance tube if I'm outstation. but wait, I found some video from YouTube below, one of the good hotel workout sample using no weight at all. So you will save your luggage's space.

From the video, you will find out the squat and push-up is done on the mattress not on the floor, creating instability and force you to work more on core muscle. If the hotel provide no gym facility, or you don't have enough time to go gym, I think this is great yet simple to follow if you are outstation. Now, you have no reason not to workout. Just do your best to maintain your weight loss program on the road.

The video is demonstrated by one of my favorite Men's health trainer, Craig Ballantyne. He is the author of Turbulence Training workout, and also the one who shaped up King Leonidas in 300 movie! (I watched them more than 5 times already)..

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