Here is simple switch on how I make my workout more fun. Use this variety when you feel boring..

Car pushing
Looks simple? but wait until you push and move the car 20 meters forward. I don't know how to describe this workout, but each step you take to push the car forward, you'll feel the muscles is firing from your calves, then up to your thighs, moving up to your shoulder and upper back via your core, especially the lower back in one single fluid motion. Guess what? It's a perfect total body workout ever. It could be more taxing than a Deadlift, or maybe on par with..

If you're advance lifter and fit enough to handle this drill, find a fit partner and drive to an empty parking space. Place the transmission to neutral, push the car 15 to 20 meters (depend on your stamina) while your friend take the wheel job. Then switch.

It's fun, but are you sure to complete the 3rd round?

Stair climbing
Climbing those steps required effort and deep determination, but the effort paid off. Turns out there are few approaches to training that we can learn from a pro-boxer's workout routine - think Sylvester Stallone in Rocky screen movie? One simple approach is stair climbing. This is somewhat brutal workout, which is designed to increase muscle definition, power and stamina in the thighs, hamstrings and calves.

To try this workout, select a 5 or 10 pounds om dumbbell for each hand. This may seem light at first, but after starting the exercise, I'm sure you won't be to wait to put them down. Locate a stair set that has a least 5 flight with around 10 steps/flight. Grab the dumbbells and explode all the way up. Don't rest at the top; turn around and come down the steps with controlled pace. Then active rest once you hit the bottom. Repeat for 4-5 sets. Don't forget to warm up your knees thoroughly and do some stretching before climbing.

Enough said. One of the great low impact fat burner cardiovascular and a total body workout, if you know how to. Swimming does burn calories at a rate of about 3 calories a mile per pound of bodyweight. It can serve as a cross-training element to your regular workouts.

If you to lose fat faster, and we're not talking about swimming for a leisure activity, think interval training, or superset with Pushup each time after crossing the pool? It could be great workout.

Wall climbing

Fears of falling motivates us. Hence, it's a great adrenalin workout. And, if you think climbing only works your upper body, you're wrong. Actually wall climbing gym's expert claims, climbing emphasize your lower body more than the upper body. That's why I choose this activity sometimes during my weekend. Find wall climbing gym nearby and try this. Thank me later if you get addicted.

If you're staying around Subang Jaya, there is Indoor climbing gym called Nomad Adventure. Pay per entry and rent all safety equipment at very cheap rate, is a good option for first timer. Logon to their website for more info at

p/s: Tarzan's lean and athletic physique is made in the jungle. So, for those who don't have access to this gym, you might want to try climb up any tree, but make sure to take safety measures - and at your own risk, of course..

more information about indoor climbing here.

If there is any new thing to try, I would love to hear from you.