The word "debu" here is come from Japanese. Debu means fat, plump, or chubby and its not nice word to say to other than your friends.

Therefore, debu papa means a chubby or an overweighed father. Lol, guess what? I was a "debu papa" until May 2007. And it’s been one year since I started my healthy diet and regular exercise.

Now I maintain my ideal weight around 69kg. Not bad for a 5 ft 8 inch person like me.

Well, I am not debu papa anymore... I started to blog my journey of weight loss and dedicated this blog to those, who are a father out there, and do not know how to do with their weight problem.

Stop making any reason for not having time to workout. I will share my weight loss tips here, we can exchange information related to weight loss and overall fitness and achieve our fitness goals.

Transformation from debu papa to Fit papa. :)