On May 2007, I bought a couple of running shorts and a pair of running shoes. And that was my first running shoe ever in 29 years. What a shame. Its a pair from New Balance – a new father need a balance brand. Hahaha.

This time I really promised to myself, I'm going to get back in shape and start running every weekend. I did my own research how to do good running from the Internet, invested on lot of Health magazines, and started to cook my own dinner. I make sure not to skip my breakfast, limited my carb intake and at the same time try to get high quality protein in my diet.

The first month I lost about 3kg. I was quite satisfied by the result but another problem begin to happened – its my knee! It seems my knee hates to take the impact from running by an overweight person like me. And also I doubted my running technique.

I was 85++ kg at the moment when I started running. My knee really de-motivated me. I stopped and hope I could recover immediately...