After reading how your body works in my previous post, I'm quite sure now you begin to understand why every diet plan advise you to eat 5 to 6 meals per day. The idea is all about to maintain your blood sugar tank, not to overflow, while it keeps us from hungry, which in turns slowing down our metabolism.

Think there is a blood sugar tank bandwidth, with lower limit and higher limit. When you take some food, you going to bring your blood sugar level up to higher level, and due to your physical and metabolism activity, it will gradually going down to your lower limit. And when it goes down to lower limit, you probably begin to feel hungry – time for refueling.

So what will happen if you take excessive calories in your meal? The calories derived from your meal will actually burst off your higher limit of your tank, and the excessive calories will be stored into fat cells.

You might be thinking to starve so your body can turn fat cells into your tank? Unfortunately, our body is really smart and its designed to switch into survival mode – and slowing down your metabolism. So during the survival mode, when you run out of fuel, you will probably losing some fats along with your muscles.

There is lot of diet plan been introduced out there such as Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Mediterranean diet, Abs diet etc. I didn't make specific comparison between all those, and of course they have their own good points and bad points, but I strongly believe the same principle still applies. I personally prefer the Abs Diet, written by Men’s Health editor David Zinczenko – I love the powerfoods part, and this diet is really simple - easy to follow.

You are free to choose which diet you'll going to stick to, but if you come from a place where it’s difficult to get those foods recommended by the plan, then how?? The answer is by knowing how our bodies work especially our metabolism, and then create your own diet plan.