Its been couples of months since I started my weight loss program, I'm getting familiar with my swiss-ball and dumbell workout. One day, I was working in my office when my long time no see friend ping me on my MSN just to have some chat.

Carl was asking my opinion on what Levi’s jean to purchase, and then I started browsing for good jeans in the Levi’s website and recommended him a low hip kinda jeans.

“Poor you, this jean do not suit you,” he said. “Why not?” I replied..

“Oh, is that your built just not fit them” and laughing at me. “Duh, sorry I’ve had to tell you this – I’m now 74kg! And that is 14kg lighter than I was when we were at KSM (our previous company)”

After telling him how I changed my diet with regular workout, finally we met on weekend in the morning. Well, seeing is believing.. He is kinda inspired about the changed I've gone through, and by adapting some principle of my workout, he started to revised his own workout plan in order to drop more fat.

Well, actually Carl has been a runner for years and own a commercial gym membership, famous gym in town. But still he has problem losing any more fat. He kinda stuck at 18%, while I at the same time at about 17.5% from my original >30% within 5~6 months.